Diann Darnall gave an overview of the Alaska International Senior Games for the Jun 28 meeting.
The games take place in Fairbanks between August 13-22 and are open to competitors age 50 and older. This year, they expect more than 200 athletes from Fairbanks and across Alaska; however, you don't need to be an Alaskan resident to compete.

Events include archery, table tennis, track & field events, basketball, swimming, bocce, bowling, cycling (5, 10 and 20K), golf, shooting events, racquetball, tennis and triathlon. They have equipment available for loan for some events. Some events serve as qualifiers for the National Senior Games, which will draw 15,000 competitors to Houston.

Registration is $45, with a $15 early bird discount for registration before July 31.

More information is available online at http://www.fairnet.org/Agencies/aisg/index.html.