Jinx is a long-time Fairbanks resident, and a formidable expert on artistic quality and valuation.  Jinx came to teach us about the methods and importance of regular appraisals of artistic works.

Artistic works are frequently difficult to price and market.  So much is subject to personal taste and interpretation, but there is indeed a science and particular methodology for determining market value.  This is one of Jinx's specialities, and one she has practiced for many years.

Jinx discussed many different types of items that can and should be appraised.  Books, antiques, coins, comics, toys, dolls, jewelry, and artwork were just a few of the items she discussed.  Jinx's focus in on on artwork, and she provided a handout with names and phone numbers of other people who specialize in every type of item.

It was quite interesting how there are so many different types of information to take into account in determining an item's value.  Such data included, but were not limited to material, date, place of origin, current location, maker, inscriptions, backstory, measurements, condition, sale prices of similar items, and so much more.  There is so much to take into account that it became clear why so few people are qualified to do such valuations.  It obviously takes years of study, experience, and current knowledge to do art appraisals correctly.

Above all else, Jinx recommended that everyone have regular appraisals, or at least good records, of their artworks.  When an item is destroyed or lost, valuation can become difficult to impossible.  Regular valuations are important as artworks will frequently appreciate or depreciate greatly over time, and sometimes very suddenly.  Most people do not really know what they have and what it is worth.