Jerri Lomax works with the Literacy Council of Alaska, and leads the Evenstart Program. It is a program that assists families who speak English as a second language, helping them with language and life skills.
The Evenstart program provides community-building skills and English language skills for families that have young children here in Fairbanks. The instruction can also include instruction in basic life skills and knowledge to help those new to the community adjust to life here.

Jerri Lomax spent 9 years as an Americorps volunteer before taking her current position. Education and community service has long been a passion of hers, particularly in regards to families with children. She has seen first-hand how even simple tasks can become complicated, ever fear-inspiring, when language skills are a challenge.

The Evenstart programs provides a place not only for learning, but also to share resources and experiences among members of the community with similar challenges. Sometimes it is a family that recently immigrated to the U.S., sometimes the family of a military service member, among other members of the community who find themselves in this situation. They share books, tips, and assist each other with tasks, that the Evenstart program helps to coordinate.

Every 6 weeks or so, Evenstart sponsors a "Family Fun Night", where Jerri selects a theme and has a party based on the theme. Food, snacks, and a family-friendly movie to bring everyone in the program together. Events such as this embody the spirit of the Evenstart program, helping to make everyone feel welcome in our peculiar little town with so many different kinds of people.