Randall Zarnke is the President of the Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame, among other roles in our community. He came to speak with us to teach us about "Hockey Week" and the upcoming events that are part of the celebration.
Hockey Week actually lasts longer than 7 days. From February 11 to February 20, and includes a number of various community events to celebrate how much hockey has become an important part of our community and way of life in Fairbanks.

In Fairbanks, hockey is much more than just a sport. In many ways it has become a way of life, handed down from one generation to the next. It is played by people of all ages, and, in the winter, can be played nearly anywhere.

Opportunities to watch it range from the Ice Dogs and the UAF Nanooks, to child's teams where the equipment looks like it weighs more than the child trying to wear it. Hockey Week brings all this passion and variety and condenses it into one week of constant activities.

A few of the activities include: Ice Dogs games, UAF Nanooks games, free skate sharpening, a Hall of Fame ceremony, youth tournaments, power-skating clinics, and much more. This year is a special one, as we have the actual Stanley Cup trophy on show here in Fairbanks, first at the Big Dipper Ice Arena and then at Los Amigos Restaurant.

Hockey Week is not just about sports, it is also about sportmanship is other facets of life. It includes reading to children, raising awareness of the Special Olympics, and other activities help raise money and awareness for worthwhile causes.

One the most fun aspects of Hockey Week is the contests. A frequent favorite is one where people compete with each other over who has the best ice rink at their home in the "Back Yard Rink Contest".

Hockey Week is put together by a great variety of people in Fairbanks. It requires a great deal of effort and coordination to plan and follow through with all that Hockey Week offers. It is truly a community celebration that requires a great deal of support from many, many people in the community.