Kerynn Fisher introduced today's speaker, Ivy Hallinrake. Ivy is the Nurse Manager at the Cardiac Rehabilitation section of our Fairbanks Heart Center.
The Fairbanks Heart Center finally came to fruition this year, and the facilities that have been built are now providing a much needed service to not only Fairbanks, but for many outlying areas as well. Treatment that was once available only in Anchorage can now be provided here in Fairbanks, likely saving many, many lives in the years to come.

Heart disorders have become leading causes of death in our nation. This facility, and its personnel, will focus both on medical treatment and prevention. Ivy spoke not only about the facility and its people, but also on a great many preventative steps that people can take to keep themselves from having such heart problems.

There were a great many questions on the facility and its preventative work. Ivy spent time educating us on the work of various organizations that bring awareness and raise money for treatment of heart-related ailments. Organizations such as the American Heart Association were discussed, as well as specific events such as the Fairbanks Heart Walk and the Fairbanks "Go Red" for Women Luncheon as well.

The handouts were very helpful, and the information was detailed and insightful. We thank Ivy for taking the time to teach us valuable lessons on a topic that affects all of our lives.

Three of the websites where you can find out more information about heart attack prevention and treatment are as follows: (American Heart Association),, and