Dr. Tripplehorn is a specialist at Tanana Valley Clinic on sleeping and sleeping disorders. He came to discuss his research, and give us an introduction to common problems and treatments for sleeping problems.
Dr. Clay Tripplehorn brought us a wealth of information on a very important topic. All of us know that very few people get a healthy amount of sleep in this country, and it is an issue that is affecting the quality of life, and personal safety, of all.

It was surprising to learn just how pervasive, and pernicious, a lack sleep truly is for everyone. Between the statistics showing how many people "nod-off" while driving on a regular basis, and the diminished cognitive capacity that comes from insufficient amount of sleep, Dr. Tripplehorn had a very wide-awake audience.

He brought a number of different pamphlets with him, including one of sleep apnea, that were excellent. The presentation had a great deal of territory to cover, and he had to move very quickly to even scratch the surface. The audience had a great deal of questions, and many of us still have many more. Hopefully we will have a chance to bring him back, as we could conceivably fill another Rotary presentation just with questions from Rotary members.