Lemonade Day is a nation-wide program designed to help teach business skills to minors, through education and direct experience.  Tammy Tragis-McCook introduced three UAF students working on popularizing the idea here in Fairbanks. 

Rebecca Leivdal, Jake Long and Jordan Fred provided a lengthy presentation on Lemonade Day and how it came about.  The idea is to help minors establish their own small entrpreneurial activities, such as lemonade stands, and provide them resources and guidance.  It is an idea that has taken root all across the country, and there is a great deal of assistance that is offered free of charge.

Kids learn to set goals, build a 'store', tall receipts, find investors, purchase supplies, balance expenses, select sites, open bank accounts, advertise, serve customers, and give back to the community in the form of donations to charities.  Naturally there is an expectation that a parent or other adult will be part of the process to help guide the minor in their business venture.

As the Lemonade Day fact sheet states, "It begins when kids register to participate and receive a Lemonade Day backpack full of resources.  The young person and a caring adult complete each lesson together.  Youth of all ages, pre-K through high school, can participate at no cost.  Youth put their new knowledge and skills to work when they open for business on May 6th, with their very own lemonade stand."

The concept has built up a great deal of support, including UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers.  Chancellor Rogers with be speaking about this program at a free public event, entitled "Entrepreneur Insights & the Power of a Lemonade Stand."  This free event will be on Tuesday, February 7, from 1:10 PM to 1:50 PM, at the Schaible Auditorium.