Dr. Ives has practiced medicine in Fairbanks and Anchorage for many, many years.  He came to speak with us today about varicose veins, including diagnoses and types of treatments.

Dr. Ives has offices in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, and is often seen at the airport travelling between the two cities.  He is passionate about his work, and the presentation included a great many photos and detailed discussions.  Dr. Ives' presentation was entitled, "Out of the Dark Ages,"  as varicose veins are a common medical problem that is poorly understood by the public.  Many people simply see it as a normal part of the aging process, and ignore the real dangers that they pose to a person's overall health.

There are many different categories of the particular problem, with different stages, dangers, and proper treatments.  One of the treatments that Dr. Ives discussed was laser vein therapy.    Dr. Ives has specialized training to deal with such medical problems, and he feels strongly that people need to know more about them.

He went into detail not only about the symptoms, but also the physiological changes that create them.  The presentation was very detailed, and a few of the photos he showed later in his presentation were appropriately shown after most people had finished eating.  Discussion of this topic is not an easy one, but making such information memorable is the best way of bringing attention to this frequently ignored medical issue.

 Dr. Ives' presentation was very informative and well presented.  He is extraordinarily busy, and we are thankful that he was willing and able to share his knowledge and experience in such a well-organized and presented format.