Steve Haagenson is the Executive Director of the Alaska Energy Authority, a unique organization in Alaska that was established to deal with issues of energy creation and efficiency here in Alaska.
In 1976, the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) was created by the Alaska Legislature. The AEA is a public corporation of the state with a separate and independent legal existence.

AEA's original mission was to construct, acquire, finance, and operate power projects and facilities that utilize Alaska's natural resources to produce electricity and heat. The unique challenges and opportunities in Alaska has necessitated a different approach to energy than other states have faced.

Steve spoke to us today about creating a pathway to Alaskan energy independence. Here in Alaska, our costs are higher in relation to energy, but we have a greater diversity of potential energy sources than other states. Not just petroleum reserves, we could harness natural gas, geothermal, wind, solar, and more.

Steve is an expert on these matters, and energy is perhaps the most critical issue that will determine the quality of life that our state faces. Energy affects everything in our daily lives, and this is an easy fact to forget. Communication, transportation, food, etcetera all rely on the ability to harness sources of energy in safe and sustainable ways.