Jan Dawe is an adjunct professor at UAF's School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences/Forest Sciences Department.  Her passion is teaching others how to explore nature and create objects of art with them, and she came today to teach about the OneTree projects.

As OneTree's brochure states:

"Over the past two yeas, students from kindergarten through tenth grade in the Fairbanks North Star Borough Schoold District have explored plant anatomy and physiology, the scientific process, and annual events in a birch tree's life through experiments dealing with budburst, growth rate and germination.  Student observations are leading University scientists to develop new ideas about how Interior Alaska's lengthening growing season may be affecting birch tree growth and productivity."

OneTree's students are able to learn about nature in a hands-on process, and learn to create other objects through art and effort.  Jan's program is a fascinating combination of how art and science can work together to spread knowledge and provide wonderful memories.