Jim Dodson is the CEO of the Fairbanks Economic Development Council (FEDCO).  He came to speak to us about energy costs and options in the interior of Alaska.

Jim was born and raised here is Fairbanks, and spent years working on various development issues in and around Fairbanks.  He gave a detailed presentation about the costs of energy in Alaska, and the many effects it has on our quality of life.

He reviewed many of the different projects that Alaskans have worked on to alleviate our state's energy costs, such as the Alaska Gas Inducement Act, Healy Clean Coal, Susitna Dam, liquified natural gas, natural gas pipelines, and more.  Comparisons were made as to their costs, effectiveness, and prospects for becoming reality.

Above all else, Jim left us with a call to action that much needs to be done.  Fairbanks in particular is at the mercy of energy costs for a variety of reasons.  There is a great deal to do, and the most important first step is to understand the terrible problems we face and how much worse they may yet become.