Our program today, Fairbanks Youth for Habitat, was presented by Laurel Devaney, Education Coordinator for the US Fish & Wildlife Fairbanks Field Office. 



By Debbie Gross


Today’s meeting was led by President, Patty Meritt.


At the desk was Carol Callahan and Karen Parr. Cynthia Steiner and Maria Petersen, our new exchange student from Denmark, greeted and sold 50/50 tickets. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Paul Bauer’s eldest son, Joseph, who will be a second grader this fall, and per Paul, is perhaps a future Rotarian in training! Jane Lanford led us in song with the “Alaska Flag Song”.


Our guests were Paul’s son, Joseph, and our exchange student, Maria.


Last week’s all clubs polio plus program was a success, with $4,800 being raised for polio plus. Flyers for the polio plus program were distributed on tables at today’s luncheon, and Patty encouraged all College Rotarians to consider making a donation to polio plus if they haven’t already done so.


Patty also encouraged all College Rotarians who will be absent for extended periods of time this winter or within the next year to consider inviting a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to Rotary. Our club needs more members to assist with our service programs, and as several College Rotarians tend to travel during the winter months when several service programs are scheduled, it is important to bring new members in this Fall. Patty has a collection of old Rotarian magazines that can be used to introduce others to Rotary. Please contact her if you would like to have some of these to hand out.


Our new exchange student, Maria Petersen, was introduced by Cynthia Steiner. Maria arrived last night from Denmark, and was welcomed at Fairbanks International Airport by Patty Meritt and Cynthia Steiner. If you and/or your family have activities planned for this summer, fall, winter, etc., please consider inviting Maria to participate with you.


Jane Lanford reminded us of our Rotary service project for the Senior Games this evening. For those helping out with the 5K race this evening, please meet at Woodriver School at 5:45. For those helping out with the 10K race on Thursday, meet at the Princess Hotel parking lot at 5:45. Due to heavy smoke coverage in Fairbanks today, the 5K race scheduled for this evening may be postponed until Thursday. Jane will send out an email at 4pm today with additional information.


Happy Bucks were shared by John Tiemessen, Jane Lanford, Cynthia Steiner, Ron Inouye, Ron Bergh, and Barb Hompesch.


Our program today, Fairbanks Youth for Habitat, was presented by Laurel Devaney, Education Coordinator for the US Fish & Wildlife Fairbanks Field Office. This program was started in 2009 for children ages 13 and 14 in the Fairbanks and North Pole areas. Programs offered include a 3-week introductory program, and a 2-week advanced program. Due to a limited enrollment capacity, participation in the program is by competitive application which requires the submission of local references, as well an essay addressing the student’s interest in learning about their habitat and local resources. The goal of these programs is to enhance the students’ understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Alaska’s fish and wildlife resources, and directly involve them in keeping Fairbanks a quality place to live for both people and wildlife. The summer 2013 project for the advanced group was building an outdoor park at the JP Jones Community Center. Park features include a sandbox, a labyrinth, tunnels, and a sledding hill. Laurel welcomes ideas for future projects for Fairbanks Youth for Habitat. Other ways you can help include: volunteering your skill and/or equipment, making a donation, developing partnerships, and contributing materials. Laurel can be contacted at her US Fish & Wildlife office at 456-0558.


The 50/50 pot was $30, and was won by John Tiemessen, who donated his winnings to our new exchange student.


Patty closed out the meeting with a joke, and invited all College Rotary Teams to add a closing joke to their weekly team duties.


Patty’s Joke paraphrased: “A teenage girl brings home her boyfriend to meet her parents. Her boyfriend is covered in tattoos and has a pierced nose. Later, the parents tell their daughter they are not impressed with her boyfriend and state he does not look like a very nice person. Their daughter replies, well, he must be a good person, because he is doing 5000 hours of community service.”


The meeting was adjourned by Patty.