Ken Philip is a reknowned expert on the types and behaviors of butterflies.  He came to share his experience and knowledge of butterflies, especially the types that have been found in or just outside of Alaska.

Ken is originally a Yale trained physicist and astronomer, and he is now a retired University of Alaska professor and researcher.  For many, many years, he has obliged a passion for seeking and studying butterflies.  His passion has led him to accumulate approximately 80,000 butterflies, which will likely become part of the Smithsonian.

The research and samples that Ken has built up is considerable.  Since arriving in Alaska in 1965, he has pursued many different interests and hobbies in Alaska, but his butterfly research and travel puts him head and shoulders above others.  He identifies species, environments, behavior, locations they have been spotted, and much more.

Ken was kind enough to take the time to teach us about many of the different types of butterflies, especially those that have been found in or near Alaska.  It is astonishing that there can be so many types, and that they can look and behave so very differently from other butterflies.  His presentation was very visual, which is perhaps a great advantage of presenting a discussion about butterflies.  His pictures and projections were beautiful, and we thank him for letting us take part in his devoted and passionate study.