Heidi Haas is the founder of the Autism Society of Alaska.  A few years ago, her daughter was found to be autistic, and so Heidi made it her mission to create support services and activities to boost awareness of autism in Alaska.

Across the country, the rates of autism have increased significantly.  The causes are not yet known, and there is a great deal of fear and confusion about what it really means.  Through research and the efforts of many, many people, gradually the awareness and understanding of the situation are quickly growing.

For many people with autism, including Heidi's daughter, they are still able to lead strong, productive lives.  Heidi started the Autism Society of Alaska in order for people in Alaska to know more about the condition, and help them understand the unique strengths and challenges that they face.  Heidi taught us more about the early signs of autism, and the strategies that have been found to be the most effective.  The most important of these strategies is the early diagnosis as it truly can make an enormous impact not only on the quality of life both for autistic individuals and the people who interact with them.

Events that Heidi has helped put together are the Alaska Walk for Autism, a First Friday event, promoting April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day, and speaking publicly to educate others.  To learn more, please visit asagoldenheart.org, autism-society.org, sesa.org, or call Heidi at 877-374-4421.