Pat is a lifetime Fairbanksan, a published author, and head of the Alaska State Federation of Garden Clubs. Her passion is community beautification and appreciation, and learning about the natural environment of our fair city.
For a great many years, Pat has shared with others both knowledge and appreciation of our Fairbanks' natural environment. Beautification projects, horticulture programs, writing books about how to enjoy and appreciate our natural environment; she is a wonderful asset to our community.

Her first book is entitled, "From Old Sprouts to New Buds: Gardening in the Cabbage Patch with Children". She has provided resources not only for adults to learn about and enjoy nature, but also promoted the sharing of this knowledge with children. Her activities not only create a better relationship between people and the environment, but also between adults and children as well.

Pat's second book is entitled, "Mushroom Hunting with Children," and she spoke at length about the different types of mushrooms that grow naturally around Fairbanks. Some are poisonous, some are edible, and all of them have names. Also, some are edible, but should not be mixed with other types of food or drink.

The best time to look for mushrooms around Fairbanks is in August and September, and it sounds like a great family activity to enjoy, teach and share.