Michele Hebert is the Sustainability Coordinator for the UAF Office of Sustainability. Her role is to facilitate projects in energy efficiency, campus recycling, and alternative energy.
Michele Hebert became Sustainability Coordinator in August 2010. Michele is well known in Fairbanks for her media work and as an instructor of the popular Master Gardener Program. She hosted a call in radio program on KUAC for seven years and a weekly Gardening Tip series on KTVF for twelve years. A great many individuals have become trained master gardeners due to Michele's efforts. Additionally, she was UAF's Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator for about 17 years.

Michele came to speak with us about the many different programs and projects that she is working on up on campus and the community at large. Everything from partnering with K&K Recycling turning waste paper into energy, mulch mowing, composting grass clippings and excess dining services food, turning the dining services' waste oil into biofuel, and much more.

She is a woman of many talents and extensive experience. We had barely enough time today to scratch the surface on what she is working on and how it fits into a strategy that is not only more earth friendly, but also cost-effective for UAF's bottom line.