Kerynn Fisher introduced today's speaker, Charlie Dexter. Charlie is currently a professor at UAF in Applied Business and Accounting. His past lives include serving as the University's Statewide Personnel Manager, Director of Admissions, and Director of the Small Business Development Center.
Charlie Dexter is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resource Management and licensed by Franklin Covey as a time management instructor.

Charlie produced a high-energy presentation on the complexities of ethical dilemmas. It was intended, and destined, to be a highly interactive group discussion about problems where a person's ethics are taken down off the shelf and forced to apply to real-life scenarios.

The discussion was lively, with not everyone agreeing on what were the best courses of action. Then again, that was the idea. Scenarios were explored to see shed light on what criteria we use to make decisions where there are strongly compelling reasons for each choice.

Audience members brought up real-life situations that they experienced or witnessed first-hand. Such examples included the acceptance of gifts and conflicts of interest, the use of state resources for personal benefit, or the potential hiring of an unethical employee who could give you an edge over a competitor.

Charlie made alot of think about such situations, and described methods for helping to resolve them. In particular, having rules of conduct in writing long before such situations arise.