This day's presentation consisted of new member inductions for Michelle Taku and Cindy Wentworth, as well as a presentation by our exchange student, Alvaro.  We are proud to welcome Michelle and Cindy into the fold, and are also proud of Alvaro and his presentations on his time here in Alaska.


It is always a wonderful moment to bring new members into College Rotary.  Michelle and Cindy have taken attended our meetings before, and they will make great additions to our group.  Our club went through the traditional rituals for each of them, and look forward to all the ways that we can help each other and our community.

Alvaro not only presented to us about his home in Teohuacan, Mexico, but also showed us the presentation he made about Alaska for his friends, family and Rotary club back home.  It was intriguing to see both sides of the coin, since Fairbanks and Teohuacan are such different places.  Alvaro has been enthusiastic, full of energy, and eager to learn.  He has undoubtedly been a fine choice for an exchange student, and will certainly be a good ambassador for us when he returns home.