Our program today was presented by Rotary District 5010 Governor, Sue Foley, who joined Rotary in 1999, and has been very involved in Rotary both locally (Anchorage East Club) and Internationally. 

At the desk were Carol Callahan and Mike Dunton.  Elaine Williamson greeted, Mike Dunton sold 50/50 tickets, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mary Nordale, and Karen Parr led us in song with the “Alaska Flag Song”.


Visiting Rotarians included: Rotary District 5010 Governor, Sue Foley and her husband Harold Foley (Anchorage East Rotary); Rotary District 5010 Fairbanks area Assistant Governor, Chris Henry (Fairbanks Sunrisers Rotary); and the State of Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, Mead Treadwell (Anchorage Downtown Rotary).


Our guests were: Fred Brown, a local Fairbanksan, who worked on the Republican National Committee in Washington and who currently assists Mead Treadwell with media issues; Kenneth Brady, from Anchorage, who oversees fundraising for Mead; Dennis Dussman’s beautiful bride, Debra Chestnut; Larry Kaplain, guest of Ron Inouye; Sabastian Schneuell, guest of Gerd Wendler; Dot Cruse, Don Lynch’s beautiful bride and nurse; and Andrea Dubenezin, guest of Jane Lanford.


Kitty Kraft was inducted as a new College Rotarian by District Governor, Sue Foley, and was presented with her Red Badge and certificate.  Kitty then received her Rotary pin from her sponsor, Vicki Kennebec.


Club President, Patty Meritt thanked the 21 Club members who stepped up and made contributions to Polio Plus. 


Happy Bucks:  Gerd Wendler provided an update on Gila; she is healing and doing much better.


Karen Parr announced the grand opening of Raven Landing.  On Saturday, November 23rd, they will host an open house from 2 – 6 pm. 


Vonna Husby returned from her trip to Tucson.  She visited and worked with B17 pilots, local Rotarians, and the mayor to open a new museum to honor World War II pilots.  This project has special significance for Vonna as her father flew 38 missions during the war. 


Cheryl Keepers reminded Club members that applications for youth exchange are due October 19th.  An informational night is scheduled for October 9th, 7pm at the Noel Wien Library.


Paul Harris recipients were recognized and presented certificates and pins by District Governor, Sue Foley, and Club President, Patty Meritt.  Paul Harris contributions help service the polio plus initiative world-wide.  Recipients include:


Mary Nordale – Paul Harris

Sam McConkey – Paul Harris

John Tiemmessen – Paul Harris Plus 1

Dennis Dussman – Paul Harris Plus 1

Vonna Husby – Paul Harris Plus 2

Russ O’Hare – Paul Harris Plus 2

Karen Parr – Paul Harris Plus 3

Patty Meritt – Paul Harris Plus (several, # to be determined)

Julie Scott – Paul Harris Plus 8


Sergeant at Arms, Don Lynch, recently visited an Anchorage International Rotary Club meeting, and is happy to report that College Rotary has “donated” our Club’s former member, Karl Schroeder, to their club.  Karl is working on an African medical project with this club, and is also working on grants for his new club.  Don also indicated Karl is very happy about the lower utility costs in Anchorage.  Don also extended birthday greetings to Deb Gross and Ron Bergh, and anniversary greetings to Sukumar Bandopadhyay. 


Our program today was presented by Rotary District 5010 Governor, Sue Foley, who joined Rotary in 1999, and has been very involved in Rotary both locally (Anchorage East Club) and Internationally.  Sue reminded Club members that “service is the core of Rotary,” and Rotary International’s current year theme of “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” reaffirms Sue’s statement.  Sue explained Rotary isn’t about “stuff”.  Rather, it is about family and making your community the best it can be, and it is about international service projects to improve living conditions in undeveloped countries. 


Sue encourages all Club members to go to the Club’s website and click on “My Rotary”.  This will tell you what your club’s goals are.  A current goal of Rotary is to increase membership; to enjoin more Rotarians with the same ethics and passion, to get more work done.  Rotary promises members the opportunity to meet and work with likeminded people, and to feed your passion to give back to the local and global community. Sue indicated membership has increased by 100 people district-wide, and she encourages all College Rotarians to invite a guest to Rotary to help grow our membership.  Sue also encourages members to let the Club know if it is not meeting its goals.  Clubs who loose members tend to do so because their members lose interest, and/or the club is not feeding their passion.

Rotary’s annual program fund is used for projects both locally and globally.  This year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is double-matching all donations.  For example, if a Club member donates $25, they will match it with an additional $50, for a total of $75, which will cover the cost of 150 yellow vests worn by volunteers on national immunization days or 600 purple pens to dye each child’s pinkie finger when they get their immunization.  Sue encouraged all Club members to fulfill Patty’s request to give $100 to Polio Plus.  Sue emphatically stated “we will eradicate Polio,” which is now restricted to PAN (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria).”


Sue concluded her presentation with an invitation to the 2014 District 5010 Conference in Anchorage, May 15 – 18, 2014, at the Hotel Captain Cook.  The conference theme is “Changing Lives Under the Northern Skies”, and you can register at www.rotary5010.org.


The 50/50 pot was won by Harold Foley, who reported he will use his winnings for Polio Plus.


Deb Gross closed out the meeting with a leave ‘em laughing joke:  A doctor, lawyer, and a Rotarian in charge of fundraising all die and arrive at the Pearly Gates about the same time.  St. Peter tells them they may each have one thing to take with them to Heaven.  The doctor is first, and asks for $1 million.  This is given and he proceeds to enter Heaven.  The lawyer, not to be outdone, asks for $2 million.  “Very well,” says St. Peter, and he opens the gate to Heaven for the lawyer.  Finally it is time for the Rotarian, who had just finished a fundraising project for The Rotary Foundation.  St Peter asks him what he would like to take to Heaven.  The fundraiser moves up very close to St. Peter, and in a soft voice asks, “If it’s not too much trouble, could I just have the names of those two people who were ahead of me in line?”


Reminder: College Rotary will conduct its weekly club meetings at Raven Landing on October 14, 21, and 28, to evaluate that facility as the Club’s new meeting location.


The meeting was adjourned by Patty Meritt.